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Donations to the CHA


Support Historical Research in Canada

Thanks to donors’ support, the CHA can continue to pursue its work on behalf of its members and the historical community in general. Amongst other things, the CHA pursues a number of academic and professional activities for the benefit of its members, it sponsors a vast array of publications, it represents the interests of historians and the heritage community by actively lobbying archives, museums, governments and granting agencies and intervenes on issues relating to copyright, access to information, academic freedom and public access to historical documents.

General Fund ($CAD):

The donations invested in the General Fund allow the CHA to fulfill its most urgent needs. Donations to the CHA are tax deductible. The CHA will issue tax receipts for donations $25 and greater.

Legal Fund ($CAD):

The CHA Legal Fund is a fund designed to assist members in good standing to offset the costs of legal action surrounding issues of copyright, plagiarism and libel.  Priority is given to those cases where the professional interests of all historians are at stake.  The fund is supported by donations and accrued interest.  Regular membership fees are not allocated to the legal fund.

Why should I donate to it?

Even if you never foresee yourself facing legal action, the existence of the legal fund is a benefit to all historians and those who undertake historical work.  It allows the CHA to support important legal cases that define the boundaries of our practice and protect the rights of our members.  In the digital age it is imperative that historians are involved in issues surrounding copyright, plagiarism, and libel which affect us all.  It is a fund that is only drawn upon sparingly and cautiously, but its existence is vital to the profession.

How is the fund used?

Since it was established in 1979, the CHA has carefully managed this fund as a separate account and its usage is subject to strict policies and procedures for determining if a legal case should be supported in the interest of the profession as a whole.  Currently, only interest generated from the fund can be used to support cases, therefore we preserve our capital for future generations.  The amounts in the fund are reported to the membership annually by the Treasurer.

Student Travel Fund ($CAD):

The Student Travel Fund is a discretionary financial support to provide support for students to present papers at the CHA Annual Meeting.

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Established in 1971, Acadiensis is a journal of regional history devoted to the study of Atlantic Canada. The essential source for reading and research on the region, Acadiensis has won wide acceptance as one of Canada’s leading scholarly journals.

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Established in 1969, BC Studies is a multidisciplinary journal publishing a wide variety of original scholarship on British Columbia.

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The British Association for Canadian Studies publishes the British Journal of Canadian Studies twice a year.

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An interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of ethnicity, immigration, inter-group relations and the history and cultural life of ethnic groups in Canada.

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Canada’s History (formerly The Beaver) features beautifully illustrated factual, well-written articles on every aspect of Canada’s history.

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Educational and Entertaining: Canada’s fascinating history is brought to life through beautifully illustrated feature stories, articles on contemporary Canadian celebrities, original comics, games, jokes and contests.

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Offering a comprehensive analysis on the events that have shaped Canada into its current state, The Canadian Historical Review is a benchmark in the exploration of Canadian society and its institutions.

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CJH/ACH is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published since 1966. It features articles, historiographical and review articles, and reviews concerning all periods and fields of history, with particular emphasis on areas outside Canada.

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Since 1968, the bilingual Histoire sociale / Social History has published studies pertaining to various types of social phenomena; cultural, political, economic, and demographic.

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Labour / Le travail is a bilingual semi-annual review dedicated to the broad interdisciplinary study of Canadian labour history.

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Established in 1993, Left History is a refereed bi-annual scholarly journal that features articles from a variety of theoretical approaches by both established and new scholars.

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Material Culture Review provides a venue for refereed articles and research reports encompassing a range of approaches to interpreting culture through an analysis of people’s relationships to their material world.

Select one:

A bi-annual inter-disciplinary journal devoted to publishing original essays in either English or French about the society and culture of Newfoundland and Labrador, past and present. The editorial goal is to publish essays which are likely to be of gener

Select one:

Cap-aux-Diamants is the journal of the history of Quebec

Select one:

Recherches amérindiennes au Québec is an international French-language journal published in Québec that deals with Latin American, American, Canadian and Quebec First Nations communities.

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Launched by Canon Lionel Groulx in 1947, the Revue d’histoire de l’Amérique française was the first French-language journal to explore the history of Quebec, French speaking Canada and French-speaking North America.

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A bilingual, refereed magazine published twice a year. Primarily concerned with the evolution of urban Canada, the UHR also publishes non-Canadian material dealing with comparative, methodological or historiographical issues.

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