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An Introduction to Social Network Analysis

The Canadian Sociological Association's Social Networks Research Cluster invites delegates to this pre-conference workshop.

Date: Sunday, June 2, 2019

Location: To be communicated to participants

Registration is required by May 1, 2019.*

  • $40 (Half-day: Workshop I or Workshop II only)
  • $60 (Full-day: Both Workshop I and Workshop II)

* Note that registration in this workshop is separate and in addition to registration as a Congress delegate.  It does not include registration for the regular Canadian Sociological Association Conference held June 3 through 6.  Learn more about attending the Canadian Sociological Association Conference.


9:00am – 12:00pm

Workshop I: Theory, Concepts, Research Design and Data Collection

The morning workshop will provide an introduction to social network concepts, theories, and substantive problems. A brief history of SNA will be given and some research examples will be provided. Emphasis will also be given to data collection, particularly social survey methods. This part of the workshop will consider a variety of related methodological issues such as measurement, sampling, data analysis, and ethics, as well as the linkage of these issues to data collection. Different types of data collection techniques will be illustrated such as the name generator, position generator, and name roster. The different opportunities and constraints associated with data collection for whole versus ego-networks will be considered as well as differences between one-mode and two-mode networks will be described.


1:00pm – 4:00pm

Workshop II: Analyzing Social Network Data Using UCINET

The afternoon workshop will focus on data management, descriptive social network statistics (e.g., network centrality, density, cliques, etc.), software (e.g. UCINET), and visualization (e.g. Netdraw). The main focus will be on using data with UCINET. Limited attention will be given to visualization, but some examples will be provided focusing on Netdraw, and possibly some alternative visualization packages (such as Pajek, and Visone).

For the afternoon workshop, ideally, participants should bring a computer with a Windows OS as they will install the trial version of UCINET onto their computer. (Though, it is also possible to install UCINET on a MAC, or a Linux computer. To run it on a non-Windows platform you will need a Windows partition (such as Boot Camp), a Windows emulator (such as VMware Fusion or Parallels), or a "compatibility layer" such as Wine.)

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