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Theatre Research in Canada (TRIC)

Included in your CATR Membership Dues is a one-year subscription to our association journal Theatre Research in Canada.

Theatre Research in Canada (TRIC) is moving to a new publication model. In order to save trees, and so that we can shift our resources toward research and editorial work, we are limiting our print run to those among our readers who specifically request a hard copy of the journal. The digital version will remain available to all subscribers. Please indicate below how you would like your subscription delivered.

Canadian Theatre Review (CTR)

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Société québécoise d'études théâtrales (SQET)

The Quebec Society for Theatre Studies (SQET) is a dynamic professional academic association that actively promotes a variety of forums for studying theatre and performance arts. All researchers, students, and retirees interested in drama and theatrical studies are invited to take part in a variety of focus research areas: Quebec theatre history, contemporary Quebec theatre, theatrical theory and criticism, praxis and creation research. These focus groups put on a variety of roundtables discussions at least twice a year. In addition, SQET stays in touch with its members through a bi-annual web newsletter providing current information on the association’s scholarly journal L’Annuaire Théâtral as well as the annual SQET conference. The SQET conference does accept academic presentations via videoconferencing in order to allow international and foreign members to present contemporary research. SQET is an association developed to serve its membership by providing opportunities for their individual strengths to generate dynamic theatre research presentations and experiences.

Far from being restricted to only Quebec universities, SQET is open to the entire theatrical world of research, creation, and theatrical experiences of its diverse membership.

Starting in 2014, SQET and CATR/ACRT are pleased to offer a 30% discount on the total cost for joint-membership in both professional associations.

All members of SQET automatically received a one-year subscription to the L’Annuaire Théâtral.

Why should you become a member?

SQET helps promote a community of theatre and performance scholars who share common areas of active research. Since 1976, professional theatre practicioners and academics have chose SQET as a space for sharing their ideas, analysis, and findings amongst their peers. SQET remains the best place to stay informed about recent and emerging research on theatre within Quebec. The year-round discussions of our four research groups provide exciting opportunities to meet and exchange ideas, which culminate at our spring conference. In addition, throughout our diverse careers, many practitioners choose to attend the SQET conference to sustain and renew their creative process. Finally, by subscribing to L’Annuaire Théâtral, members have a chance to read successful published research initially presented by their colleauges at the annual conference.

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About the Graduate Student Travel Subsidy

In the wake of SSHRC's cancellation of the long-standing Award (AAGSA) that allowed the Association to subsidize travel, we would appreciate any donation you can provide to help our colleagues attend our annual conference to present their research. I cannot stress the importance of this subsidy strongly enough. CATR now has the largest membership it has ever experienced--we are growing, we are young, and we spread across the country. Airfare is high--and yet we all know that all of our online camaraderie, as positive as it is, can only go so far. People should meet, to get to know each other better. Donations to subsidize conference travel for graduate students and emerging scholars will be pooled and collectively distributed through in-person applications. Invest now!

About the CATR/ACRT Scholarly Awards

Each year at our annual conference, the CATR/ACRT presents scholarly awards to the best book published in the previous year in English or French (the Ann Saddlemyer Award), the best essay in English (the Richard Plant Award), the best essay in French (the Jean-Cléo Godin Award), and the best edited collection of essays or plays (the Patrick O’Neill Award). Contributions to these funds would be greatly appreciated. If you would like your funds contributed to a specific award please let us know.

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